General CT

General purpose brake pads for everyday driving.

Euro+ Brake Pads

Superior performance for European vehicles.


Using the latest Ceramic technology and specifically engineered for EV and Hybrid Vehicles.

Heavy Duty

Muti-purpose brake pads for hard working vehicles.

4WD/SUV Brake Pads

Specially formulated brake pads for on and off-road driving.


High performance stopping for performance and prestige vehicles.

Street Road Track

Extensively tested for high speed driving conditions

Metal King Titanium

Muti-purpose brake pads for hard working vehicles.

Brake Shoes

Quality brake shoes, engineered for all road conditions

Electronic Brake Wear Sensors

Easily warns drivers when brake pads are nearing the end of their lifespan.

Ultimate Tow

Peace of mind and ultimate tow control, tow with the Bendix Ultimate Tow™ Electric Brake...
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