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Street Road Track brake pads are designed to suit sports and performance car enthusiasts for high speed driving applications. They have been developed by one of the world's leading high performance friction material manufacturers incorporating the latest technology and extensively tested under extreme conditions. The rear of the pad also features a gasket, for reduced noise and increased heat resistance.

Street, Road & Track

Bendix SRT brake pads High quality brake pads. that meets all your driving needs Delivers outstanding braking power throughout use provide high durability and prevents fading (Fade) effectively whether driving on roads that require frequent braking, driving up and down hills and driving at high speed to driving that requires maximum braking precision

Bendix SRT Racing Team All drivers use Bendix SRT brake pads, proving the performance of brake pads that can be used in everyday driving. can also be used in various competitive fields effectively as well


Fibre Impregnated Rubber Steel Technology

Bendix SRT brake pads are reinforced with special shims. making it able to withstand high heat and greatly reduces noise while braking Manufactured using "Fiber Impregnated Rubber Steel Technology" carbon steel shims coated with nitrile rubber.

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Product Comparison


Continuous strong braking It still gives good performance.

Brake pads have a very high accumulation of heat. When braking hard a few times continuously and causing a brake fade (Fade), it means that you will need to apply more force to the brakes. In the graph on the right shows that Even the brake disc temperature rises to 600°C with continuous braking. Bendix SRT brake pads provide stability of the coefficient of friction. that is more stable than other brands of brake pads

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No matter how fast you drive, no matter how hard it is. Brake pads also provide maximum safety.

responsive brake pads consistently in all speed ranges We have brought brake pads from 2 leading competitors to compare. To test the brakes, the speed is reduced to 40km/hr. from the initial speed of 200km/hr. Bendix SRT brake pads provide stability of the coefficient of friction. that is more stable than other brands of brake pads

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Material stability For Bendix SRT brake pads that provide constant friction throughout the test period.

The graph shows the temperature range while using the brakes. For cornering 1, decelerate from 195km/hr. to 95km/hr., generating a G-Force of 0.75g by repeating this process for 10 cycles. Bendix SRT brake pads. provide stability of the coefficient of friction fixed as well

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  • Bendix SRT Disc Brake Pads Brochure PRJ 08189 2023
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